Do you feel like your child is struggling, but you’re not sure what questions to ask?

Have teachers or others given suggestions, but their assessments don’t feel right or complete to you?

Brain function is a complex arena, with far more ways to be ‘glitchy’ than most people realize. At Child Decoded, we have created a comprehensive checklist system that helps you narrow down the precise symptoms you are seeing. Although our book is not a diagnostic guide, we can help you orient yourself in a more accurate direction.

Child Decoded also offers information on who does what kinds of assessments, what questions to ask about their approach and what they do and don’t include, and what to do to complete the picture. Precision in the beginning means much less frustration and ‘wandering around’ later on.

We have seen far too many families lunge from one practitioner to another, hoping this one will be the magic bullet. (Heck, we’ve done it ourselves!) But the secret is to get a comprehensive overview from the start. Let us help you figure out what that means for your child.