Go From Overwhelmed to Empowered

“This has quickly become my favorite book for learning differences. It has left me feeling so grounded and clear about the order in which to tackle everything, in contrast to so many books that have left me feeling overwhelmed…it’s not just the information, but how easy to read and clear it makes everything!

~ Parent 


Is your child struggling? Are you unsure about how to help?

Have you seen numerous practitioners with minimal results, or is it unclear where you should start?

Children with complex learning or behavior problems can be challenging to assess accurately or fully. Diagnosis alone rarely gives you all the information you need.

Let Child Decoded help you find the answers you need.

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He seemed like a normal, bright, happy little boy…until he went to school and struggled with everything. The next eight years of searching and frustration were, sadly, all too typical. Read CJ’s story (Chapter One of Child Decoded) and see if you recognize yourself in his family’s saga. 

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Why buy this book, as opposed to the other two thousand available on learning and behavior disorders?  


Because this is the one we couldn’t find.  


Read about how Child Decoded and its unique model came to be. 


Figuring out a path forward for struggling children can be fraught with obstacles.
Here’s how
Child Decoded can help with the most common ones we see.

Don’t know where to start?

Don’t know where to start? This is the number one problem parents experience. Where’s the owner’s manual for this kid?! First, get the full picture. It can be hard to do this with struggling children. Let our extensive and unique checklists help you sort out the pieces, evaluate solutions, and find the professionals you need.

Nothing seems to work?

Sadly, getting a diagnosis doesn’t give you a direction. It just gives the symptoms a name. No two children are the same, even with the same disorders. You will have to dig deeper than the symptoms. Let Child Decoded walk you through that process.

Want more options?

Haven’t found the right professionals, but don’t know what all the options are? We tell you who addresses what, what CAM approaches (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) might be most effective, and why sequence matters as you address your child’s issues.

Troubles staying sane?

Having children is enough of a 3-ring circus without adding learning or behavior issues. We share tips on staying organized, working with the school, monitoring your child’s well-being and level of burnout, and keeping yourself and your family on track.

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