Personalized Coaching From the Child Decoded Team

Personalized Coaching From the Child Decoded Team


$200 initial session with Robin McEvoy and Kim Gangwish
$250 session with Robin McEvoy and Kim Gangwish and a record review (under 50 pages) and consult
$300 session with Robin McEvoy and Kim Gangwish and a record review (50 – 100 pages) and consult
$120 for additional consultation with other team member
$300 Three Session Package (followup sessions)

“It’s like having an extremely well-versed friend who can calm you down, help you understand, and point out the next step.”
~ happy client

Sometimes, children don’t come with straightforward answers. Learning and behavior issues can be much more complex than they seem.

Before you start trekking from one professional to another, hoping that one of them will be the magic bullet, you need to build the comprehensive picture that will serve as the blueprint for your path ahead.

Build that all-important complete profile, and then keep your process moving forward to get your child all the support he or she needs to succeed in school and life!

Let Robin McEvoy, Ph.D. and Kim Gangwish, B.S., A.P. guide you through the process. Extremely experienced at sorting through piles of data on developmental issues and coming up with an effective plan, they have developed a package that will walk you through the journey.

Read More below to find out what the coaching package includes!

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The coaching package includes:

• The extensive checklist system featured in the groundbreaking book, Child Decoded. This helps you pinpoint the main issues (including their not-so-obvious component parts), secondary issues that might not be as ‘loud’ but that also impair function and progress, and underlying issues that very few practitioners look for or identify.
• An initial session with Robin McEvoy PhD, neuropsychologist. She will discuss your child’s history and your main concerns, assess whatever testing data you might have already received, and review the results to the questionnaire. This is a coaching session, not a diagnostic session, but you will end this session with a much clearer picture of your child’s issues and what kinds of practitioners to contact.
• Help you find the next-step resources you need. You can work with our team to receive additional consultation and coaching in the areas of speech/language, reading, sensory-motor processing, and/or functional medicine. Or we can give you guidance to find the resources and professionals in your area that can support your next steps.
• Follow-up sessions with Kim Gangwish, B.S., A.P. to help you make sense of the data and feedback you receive, and to craft the next steps forward.

Don’t get stuck in paralysis and confusion. The answers and help you need are out there. Let the Child Decoded Team help you connect with them!

Our Coaching Team

Robin McEvoy has been practicing developmental neuropsychology for 30 years. With each evaluation, she asks herself, “How can I help.” Many parents bring their kids in for evaluation because they are still struggling, despite working with a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a learning specialist or a whole team of specialists. The parents were doing “standard of care” thoroughly, but it was not enough. There were times she worried that she would not find a way to help, that the parents were already doing everything possible.

But she hates the thought of saying there was nothing else to be done. So instead of saying that, she decided to dig deeper. She dug into nutrition, sleep, medical conditions and myriad of complementary and alternative approaches to learning and behavior. (And while digging, she met Child Decoded co-founder, Kim Gangwish.)

By developing a more thorough understanding of the mind/body integration, she began to find other avenues that actually opened up new possibilities for children. She loves having options for families who had been told to just accept their child’s challenges and live with them. She had been told the same thing about her own daughter who had a severe speech disability and sensory issues. As both a developmental neuropsychologist and a parent, she became expert at mapping out paths through difficult presentations.

Dr. McEvoy earned her PH.D. in Developmental Psychology from the University of Houston, then went on to fellow in Psychobiology/Neuropsychology at the University of Colorado Medical School. She holds a research faculty position at the University of Colorado, and also maintains a private practice where she can evaluate using the Child Decoded model.

Evaluation is the heart of her work with children: helping families, pediatricians, and school districts to find a deeper understanding of complex challenges. Dr. McEvoy enjoys writing and blogs frequently for Child Decoded. She loves public speaking and is a highly rated speaker.

You can read more about Robin McEvoy at her website She blogs about learning and learning challenges as well as tons about “behavior problems in children” because she has strong opinions about that. You can follow her on Facebook at or on Twitter at She will try to be fascinating.

Kim Gangwish, B.S., A.P. is the original pioneer of the Child Decoded model. She has been speaking to groups of parents, teachers and practitioners about the need to look deeper than the symptoms for over 20 years.

After working with countless families whose children struggled with a range of issues – from emotional regulation problems and chronic anxiety to autism and specific processing deficits – she started to see patterns that underlie the visible issues. Addressing deeper problems first dramatically shifted children’s ability to respond to her and others’ therapies.

Gangwish’s work (LEAP or Learning Enhancement and Acupressure Program) uses a form of acupressure that focuses on precise neurological integration. She has helped hundreds of children to overcome resistant or complex learning and behavior disorders. But the second aspect to her job involves helping families to develop a full overview of their children’s issues, and to find a team that can address those issues in the most effective order.

Ms. Gangwish graduated from the University of Colorado with a BS in Psychology, and completed the two-and-a-half-year long training in LEAP after finishing a yearlong certification course in Applied Physiology. She has presented at international health conferences and educational programs for both teachers and parents. An adoptive mother herself, Ms. Gangwish has also been an active contributor to the adoption community.

She runs her private practice, The Life Enrichment Center, in both Louisville and Denver, Colorado. Ms. Gangwish lives in Louisville with one of her two sons, four dogs, and a parrot. She also owns two horses who are way too much work, and dreams of working with elephants.

Ruth Levisohn has been serving children in the Denver community for over 40 years.Her practice specializes in speech and language development and disorders in children, as well as learning difficulties, including dyslexia. Her experience includes work in public schools and in specialized clinical programs. In addition to her deep knowledge of speech and language needs, she is also a specialist in reading interventions. Ruth was instrumental in bringing specialized multi-sensory explicit reading techniques to the Denver area. She has received recognition from the American Speech Language and Hearing Association for excellence in Continuing Education. She is married to a pediatric neurologist,has three grown sons.and beautiful grandchildren.

An Educational Specialist who started her career as a classroom teacher before entering private practice. Michelle Moore has been trained in multiple programs and is an expert in multi-sensory techniques. Michelle has over 15 years of experience in education. She received degrees from Lee University with an emphasis on Human Development and certification from North Georgia. Her training is specialized in the areas of phonemic awareness, comprehension, fluency, and other components of reading. She is also trained in multiple multi sensory math programs. She is married with two children who keep her grounded.

Kari Shanks is the owner and operating therapist of Sensory Pathways 4 Kids in Denver, Colorado. Kari is a graduate from Colorado State University with a master’s degree from the University of Denver in special education. For the past 30+ years, Kari and her staff of occupational and physical therapist have been providing therapy to children with Sensory Processing Disorders as well as other developmental delays such as Autistic Spectrum Disorders, prematurity and many others. She and her staff are passionate about providing children and their families’ therapy, compassion and knowledge about Sensory Processing Disorder.

Dr. Paul Austin has been a Chiropractic Functional Neurologist and Functional Nutrition practitioner for over thirty years. As a member of the Child Decoded team, he advises parents on issues regarding nutrition and neurological integration, either of which can impair a child’s well-being and ability to function.

In both areas, Dr. Austin excels at identifying dysfunction that may fall below the level of pathology at which mainstream medicine can identify and treat it. There can be lots of dysfunction before it qualifies for a particular diagnosis of disease, and resolution at the early stages can lead to dramatic increase in functionality. In both nutrition and neurological function, the solutions are unique to each person.

With his expertise in nutritional imbalances, Dr. Austin can recommend specific tests to identify and address nutritional deficiencies, food or chemical sensitivities, early Autoimmune (AI) reactivity (before AI becomes a pathology), or hidden pathogens in the body. These conditions often escape early notice and may create challenges to a child’s emerging health and brain development

In the area of neurology, he looks for dysfunctions within the oculomotor (eye movement) systems, as well as vestibular and cerebellar (balance, coordination of movement and muscle tone) pathways. These issues at the foundation of the nervous system can cause chronic impairments in performance, mental stamina, brain function and emotional regulation. He uses eye movement exercises, light and color stimulation, sound therapy, balance therapies, and very precise exercises to stimulate specific pathways and reinstate balance and function.

While any of these conditions can be complex and challenging to treat, effective intervention can improve many areas of function.

Let the Child Decoded Team provide a personalized coaching experience to help you through the arduous process of getting ALL the answers you need!

The first coaching session starts with Dr. Robin McEvoy and finishes with a follow-up with Kim Gangwish. Dr. McEvoy will review the checklist and explore your child’s broad needs and the priorities for further exploration. The follow-up with Kim Gangwish will more deeply explore the functional medicine options, as well as complimentary and alternative options that may be a good fit for your family.

From there, your coaches will help you decide whether additional support from the Child Decoded Team feels like a good fit for your family, or if the best recourse is to give you guidance for finding local professionals who can provide the in-depth evaluation you need.

And what if, after you have explored a more in-depth evaluation in your area, you still need guidance or support to fully understand and build a comprehensive program? The Child Decoded Team is here to help. Additional coaching support is always available.

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Personalized Coaching Sessions

$200 Initial session with Robin McEvoy and Kim Gangwish, $250 Initial session with Robin McEvoy and Kim Gangwish and a record review (under 50 pages) and consult, $300 Initial session with Robin McEvoy and Kim Gangwish and a record review (50-100 pages) and consult, $120 for additional consultation with other team member, $300 Three Session Package (followup sessions)

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