iceberg-finalYou got your diagnoses. You found your therapists. You feel like you spend most of your time either scheduling therapies and tutors, or driving your kids there. The only problem is, your child doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere. How do you figure out what’s missing in your plan?

Child Decoded covers all the major disorders and how they are frequently misdiagnosed, so that you can reconsider the data from new angles. Remember that some disorders are identified through lists of symptoms, not by taking a clear-cut test. Even experienced evaluators can miss something important or go in the wrong direction at first.

But more importantly, the specific academic struggles you are seeing may reflect serious but less obvious issues. Researchers are seeing more and more patterns in overall nervous system function, nutrition and digestive health, and emotional health that may be derailing your child’s progress. Child Decoded gives you the tools to dig deeper.