Go From Overwhelmed to Empowered

“This has quickly become my favorite book for kids’ learning and behavioral problems. It has left me feeling so grounded and clear about the order in which to tackle everything, in contrast to so many books that have left me feeling overwhelmed!”

~ Parent

Why buy Child Decoded?

Because this is the one families needed and we couldn’t find.
The Child Decoded Team works with a huge range of children. Their families often feel confused about how to move forward, despite being buried in information. We wanted to find something that supported them without adding to the overwhelm.
What families need is guidance finding a path forward for their own unique child.
Whether a kid has problems with behavior or learning, is painfully shy or defiant, the underlying issues are usually more complex than you realize.
Over the years, we have discovered a great deal that helps fill in the larger picture, such as:
  • Diagnosis alone isn’t everything. It gives you a start, but now what? Solutions for kids’ learning or behavioral problems are rarely as straightforward as you want them to be.
  • Dig deeper than the symptoms. There is so much going on beneath the struggles that you see. The defiant child, for example, almost always has deeper issues that create those behavioral problems. Underlying factors worsen symptoms and make it hard for therapies to get traction.
  • Sequence matters. Trying to address everything at once just makes you exhausted and broke, and your child exhausted and overwhelmed. Start at the foundation and work your way up.
We never found a book that explained all this.
So we wrote it ourselves.
See how Child Decoded can clarify the path forward.

Figuring out a path forward for struggling children can be fraught with obstacles.
Here’s how Child Decoded can help with the most common ones we see:

Don’t know where to start?

This is the number one problem parents experience. Where’s the owner’s manual for this kid?! First, get the full picture. It can be hard to do this with kids who have learning or behavioral problems. Let our extensive and unique checklists help you sort out the pieces, evaluate solutions, and find the professionals you need.

Nothing seems to work?

Sadly, getting a diagnosis doesn’t give you a direction. It just gives the symptoms a name. No two children are the same, even with the same disorders. You will have to dig deeper than the symptoms. Let Child Decoded walk you through that process.

Want more options?

Haven’t found the right professionals, but don’t know what all the options are? We tell you who addresses what, what CAM approaches (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) might be most effective, and why sequence matters as you address your child’s issues.

Trouble staying sane?

Having kids is enough of a 3-ring circus without adding learning or behavior problems. We share tips on staying organized, working with the school, monitoring your child’s well-being and level of burnout, and keeping yourself and your family on track.

Brain function is complex. Children are unique. Clear answers can be hard to find.

Whether you are a parent, a teacher, or a practitioner, let us help you find the tools you need to decode the mystery and find solutions..

Praise for Child Decoded

“A down-to-earth, practical guide to help both parents and teachers understand why a child is having difficulty with learning or behavioral problems.”

— Temple Grandin, Author of Thinking in Pictures: The Autistic Brain

“Blending the depth of a medical reference book with the conversational tone of a wise, caring friend who’s been there… Child Decoded is nearly flawless in its readability, presentation and storytelling.”

— Starred Review, Blue Ink Reviews

“A book of this type does not yet exist and is truly useful. The idea of summarizing types of practitioners and treatment approaches is unique. Parents tend to go where their pediatrician directs them and it’s not until they have been in the system for several years and know what the options are that they can then say, ‘oh, if we had only known about that option from the beginning’.”

— Lucy Jane Miller, PhD, OTR, Executive Director, STAR Center (Sensory Therapies and Research);
Author, Sensational Kids and Co-author, The Out-of-Sync Child

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